Sports Packages Prices

Individual Player Sports Highlight Video

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Base Edit Starting Price: $300

Included in the base price:

  • A full edit of the player’s highlight video with curser arrows indicating player’s location on the field/court/etc.
  • A Youtube link directly to the player’s highlight video
  • A link directly to KVT Productions that will have important information, (Height, Weight, 40 yd, SAT, GPA, etc.) as well as a direct play of the highlight video on the page (Example)
  • Direct updates to the site with links to other web pages, newspapers, and information posted about the player and their accomplishments accomplishments
  • Player logs own tapes

 Per Tape Logging ($25.00 per DVD/TAPE)

NOTE: Players can log their own tapes if they wish to.

What is tape logging?
Where the individual athlete or editor sits down and goes through their game film and writes down the times on the DVD/Tape of where their highlights are.

Tape logging example:
P-T/14 Yd TD Reception/0:23:22
P-T/35 Yd Run/0:31:11

 DVDs of Your Highlight Videos – Pricing:
    • 1-20 $5.00/Copy
    • 21-30 $4.50/Copy
    • 31-40 $4.00 Copy
    • 41-50 $3.50/Copy
    • 51 and up $3.00/Copy