Meet KVT Productions

Meet Brandon


It feels like I’ve always had a camera in my hand. I grew up filming “movies” when I was a kid with my family camcorder. Videography has always been my passion.

Fast forward to 2000 when I was provided the opportunity to film for the University of Pittsburgh’s Football Program. Here, I honed in on my videography skills and put them into action while receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. My experience with Pitt Football ignited the passion that I had within me as a child behind that old video camera. It is here that I knew videography was my career path.

Shortly after graduating, I began filming for local sports teams to create highlight videos and film for their team’s film study. My business would evolve into a full-time job as my video services expanded into other avenues. Today I am proud to call myself as a successful business owner and an award-winning filmmaker.

I am the owner of KVT Productions, LLC and truly blessed to have the opportunity to capture my clients’ special moments through a lens and then create their stories inside my editing studio. Video production continues to evolve, and I pride myself on remaining educated with new cutting edge technology while providing high-quality videos.

Pittsburgh is truly in my heart and soul, and creating a business here has been a dream come true. Each project is a clean canvas to create a new masterpiece garnered towards my client’s video needs. At the end of the day; I’m a filmmaker who couldn’t be more thankful for this amazing career and all the wonderful places it has taken me. I’m excited to continue my video and film career and look forward to the future it holds.