Brides and grooms have so much on their minds when it comes to their wedding day that it’s difficult to really enjoy the moment sometimes. I can confidently say that for the past 8 years I have enabled hundreds of couples to relive their Wedding Day in all of its beauty.

DVD capabilities have become the biggest asset to digital media. Using transitions, slow motion video, and music I can create a digital masterpiece for your wedding that will allow you to skip directly to specific parts of the wedding at any time. I seek complete customer satisfaction and I will work very hard and at a quick pace to deliver my clients a product they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

FULL WEDDING in 1080p HD Level 3 example:

Below is a full example of a wedding from beginning to end in 1080p HD

Pre-Wedding Preparations Demo in 1080P HD

Below is a video demo of one of my pre-wedding preparations shoots. This is available in package levels 1-5:

Ceremony Demo in 1080P HD

Below is a video demo of one of my Ceremony’s. Here you will see two camera angles: one on the floor and one of a Wide Angle stationary shot. Please note that this is in the Level 4 and Level 5 packages only. Levels 1-3 will have only one camera present at the Ceremony.

Post-Ceremony Photo Session Demo in 1080P HD

Below is a video demo of one of my Post Ceremony photo sessions. Levels 2-5 will have only one camera present at the Post-Ceremony Photos session and will be rolling while the photographer takes picture of you and your bridal party, friends, and family.

Reception Demo

This is a video demo of the Pre-Reception coverage I enjoy filming in any of my packages.

Reception Demo

This is a video demo of a Reception.

Wireless Microphones Demo

In addition to your package, I can provide external microphones to capture those special words that are difficult for even the front row to hear at NO additional cost. That’s correct, NO additional charge.

Re-Cap of the Day Demo

Click the link below to watch a demo of a Re-cap of the day from one of my recent Weddings (Note: Your video will have a similar montage when ordering the level 3, 4, or 5 package).

Scheduling your Appointment

Weddings are a big event and require a lot of planning on my part. Please call or email me today to schedule an appointment and to discuss your wedding day.

Please Note: All videos are compressed files and the quality is lowered due to bandwidth. Finished products will be in 3CCD and 1080P HD digital quality and will have a much sharper resolution and clearer image. To see full quality clips please email or call me to set up an appointment.

Click the play button and immediately you will see “360P” on the bottom right hand corner of the video screen. There you can click on place the mouse cursor over it and be able to choose the following qualities:
1080P – Highest Quality HD
720P – High Quality HD
480P – High 3CCD Quality
360P – 3CCD Quality
240P – Lower Quality 3CCD – For slower running computers