Bronze Commercial Production Packages: $8,000

Bronze Commercial Production Packages: $8,000

So you want to make a commercial and are on a budget? Here you can see examples and get more details on what it takes on our part to get it done! Please contact us with your ideas and what you may want to have put together for your commercial. Every project is different and budgets can be adjusted.

What you get:

1 Commercial Spots for Television and Social Media

– 30 Seconds, 15 Second, and 5 Seconds

– Includes $200 of advertising budgeted for spots through Comcast Spotlight

7 Person Film Crew

What we do:

Script writing and storyboarding
Crew hiring
Equipment Rentals, Site Permits, and Local Talent Acquisitions
Preliminary breakdown of Budget and Spending

Filming 1-2 days with setup and tear down of sets
See us for more details on production shoot

Post Production
Editing of Commercials
Color Correction
Audio Re-Recording and Voice Over in professional sound recording studio
Exporting of Edit to digital files and upload to servers
Full breakdown of Final Budget and Spending