2019 Woodland Hills Boys Basketball MLK Weekend Basketball Showcase

Hello and welcome to the Stand Against Violence Martin Luther King Basketball Showcase presented by Woodland Hills Athletics! Here you will find FREE live streams of select games from the tournament that you can watch here at KVT Productions as well as purchasing the game films in digital download format! Again, the live stream is free to enjoy but you will be able to purchase the games once they are completed.

“The showcase is composed of various high school basketball teams from all over the eastern region, whose home cities/communities are constantly affected by street violence. Target cities include Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland, Harrisburg, Washington D.C., and Erie. In alignment with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy of non- violence, the showcase has been intentionally scheduled to align with his birthday weekend. This will be a great opportunity for the greater Pittsburgh area to enjoy an exciting weekend of Basketball with an emphasis on combating violence in our respective communities. The showcase allows for not only socializing and competitive sporting fun, but also business networking opportunities and solution oriented dialogue about this growing problem.

”Ron Coursey, Athletic Director
Woodland Hills School District

KVT Productions Game Filming Lineup – All Games We are shooting are in the MAIN GYM:

NOTE: Several programs were unable to make the trip. We had to move several games around and teams were swapped for specific games. Please see below for the most updated schedule.

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

11am – Girls Basketball: Woodland Hills vs Plum

12:30pm – Boys Basketball: Virginia Academy vs Wesley Christian (KY)

2:00pm – Boys Basketball: Abington vs Kiski School

3:30pm – Boys Basketball:  Bethel Park vs. Woodland Hills

5:00pm – Boys Basketball:  Chester vs. Bishop McDevitt (Wyncote, Pa.)

6:30pm – Boys Basketball: Mt. Zion Academy (NC) vs. Baltimore Polytechnic

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Sunday, January 20th, 2019

11am – Boys Basketball: Kiski School vs. Bishop McDevitt (Wyncote, Pa.)

12:30pm – Boys Basketball:  Abington vs. Wesley Christian (KY)

2:00pm – Boys Basketball: Mt. Zion Academy (NC) vs. Virginia Academy

3:30pm – Boys Basketball: Imani Christian vs Westinghouse

5:00pm – Boys Basketball: Westtown vs. First Love Christian

6:30pm – Boys Basketball: Chester vs. Penn Hills  

8:00pm – Boys Basketball: Woodland Hills vs. Central Catholic (Pittsburgh)

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Live stream clips from Saturday and Sunday are now closed.

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2018 First Half of Season Girls Basketball Pump Up video:

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