I have worked with High School athletes from football to soccer to basketball. I have edited and distributed their highlight films to colleges and junior college schools to help them obtain acceptance and scholarships to several major Division I, II, and III colleges. This page is dedicated to showcasing some of my most recent work and to give you a little insight as to what I can provide you for your sports programs and individual athletes.

Below are current programs who we are currently providing game film for. Here you can order games and enjoy quick highlight clips. 

2021 Spring Sports

2021 Shady Side Academy Boys and Girls Lacrosse

2021 Central Catholic Boys Lacrosse

2021 Sewickley Academy Girls Lacrosse

2021 Sewickley Academy Boys Lacrosse

2021 Franklin Regional Boys Lacrosse

2021 Hudson Boys Lacrosse

2021 Pine-Richland Boys Lacrosse

2021 Peters Township Boys Lacrosse

2021 Winter Sports

Shady Side Academy Winter Sports

(Boys and Girls Basketball, Swimming and Diving, and Hockey)

2020 Fall Sports

2020 Greensburg Central Catholic Volleyball

2020 Greensburg Central Catholic Football

2020 Shady Side Academy Fall Sports

2020 Spring Sports

2020 Franklin Regional Boys Lacrosse

2019 Fall Sports

2019 Greensburg Central Catholic Football

2019 Shady Side Academy Football

2019 Spring Sports

2019 Pine-Richland Boys Lacrosse

2019 Shady Side Academy Boys Lacrosse

2019 Franklin Regional Girls Lacrosse

2019 Franklin Regional Boys Lacrosse

2019 Sewickley Academy Girls Lacrosse

2019 Ellis School Girls Lacrosse

2019 Fox Chapel Boys Lacrosse

2019 Mt. Lebanon Girls Lacrosse

2018-2019 Winter Sports

2019 Woodland Hills Boys Basketball MLK Weekend Basketball Showcase -STAND AGAINST VIOLENCE

2018-2019 Sewickley Academy Hockey

2018-2019 Woodland Hills Boys and Girls Basketball

2018 Fall Sports

2018 Greensburg Central Catholic Football

2018 Shady Side Academy Football

2018 Yough Girls Soccer

2018 Sewickley Academy Boys Soccer

2018 Sewickley Academy Field Hockey

Sports Games

Since 2006 we have been filming sports games and events for teams all over western Pennsylvania. I, personally, started in 1998 in high school, moved into to the University of Pittsburgh’s football program from 2001 to 2005 where I learned the ropes of what a football team needs for game film studying as well as highlight video material. Whether for coaches and players to review the game or for players and families to collect for memories, I feel more then confident to say my game-day services are unparalleled in the region and I can provide DVDs of the game immediately following the game’s end. Please call me today to book my services for your game or event. Please understand that I need to plan extensively for taping events. I purchase DVD and tape stock and a deposit on the season or game as well as a signed contract is needed for any work to move forward. The sooner you notify me, the better prepared I can be to give you the best product in the end.

Sports Games Examples:

Ice Hockey
Field Hockey

Personal Highlight Videos

Personal highlight videos are a great way to move forward in your collegiate or professional career. Just looking for something to remember your season or career? That’s fine as well! Every player has different interests and goals and I am willing to accommodate them in any angle of video production. By providing a more personalized video, I can create a masterpiece of your best performances and plays. With extensive input from the customer on styles, graphics, and music, we can create a DVD of your own highlights that will impress recruiters of whatever level you wish to move forward on.

Personal Highlight Videos for College Recruiting:
Click here to see all of my recent KVT Athletes

Team Highlight Videos


One of my other specialties has been to help create video masterpieces for several sports programs. A team highlight film can capture an entire season in one 30 minute video or it can recap one single game. I truly love putting these videos together and can do it for your team no matter what sort of budget you have. Our prices range from $300 up to $3000 depending on what you would like to have done. Please email me at if you would like to see several full demos. Know what you want? Please call me for more information or to place an order. Please remember that highlight films take an extensive amount of time and I must have at lease 14 day to complete a project.

Price Range:
$300 – $3000
Team Highlight Video Example:

Music by Gobel Productions

Sports Video Angles

My team of video techs and I would like you to know more about your services before ordering. In order to ensure your satisfaction with my product, I would like to educate you about the different angles we can provide for sports videos. The angles that we provide are the same that are used in NCAA Division I-A sports. Our experience with collegiate athletic programs has led us to use this standard when producing our own sports videos.

The following angles are offered for our services. They are accompanied with a short explanation and film clip for your viewing pleasure.

SL – Sideline/Press Box Angle: Taken from an elevated position along the sideline. This is a wider angle. Below is highlights of a game taken from the sideline angle


EZ – Endzone: Taken from an elevated position behind the endzone. This is a tighter angle.

WEZ – Wide Endzone: This is a wider angle version of the Endzone shot.

Field – Field and Court Shots: Taken from along the sidelines of the field. This is usually a very tight shot.

Boys Basketball:

Boys Soccer:

Music by Gobel Productions

Click for Examples of Boys Lacrosse

Click the play button and immediately you will see “360P” on the bottom right hand corner of the video screen. There you can click on place the mouse cursor over it and be able to choose the following qualities:
1080P – Highest Quality HD
720P – High Quality HD
480P – High 3CCD Quality
360P – 3CCD Quality
240P – Lower Quality 3CCD – For slower running computers