Hey everyone!

I wanted to post about a specific photographer I worked with a while back who I was really impressed by in every aspect of her business. Her name is Leeann Marie and she runs Leeann Marie Photography studio out of Pittsburgh, Pa. Not only was she a great photographer whose work is elite, she knows how to run a business successfully and I owe her a very big THANK YOU for all her help with mine. It was her suggestion I begin blogging as well as posting videos for people of my business and be much more interactive. Since doing so, my business has already bounced upwards in an alarming rate! Trust me, that’s a wonderful thing considering the slow summer season I just came off of. To any who are interested please check out her work at:


Also, feel free follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Her knowledge of photography and true love and passion for what she does is very impressive. Even if you are considering starting a business, she is someone who has done all the right things to become successful.

Thanks again Leeann for your wisdom, hard work, and guidance along the way to helping me build a better business!

To Contact Leeann directly:
Her direct email: info@LeeannMariePhotography.com

Brandon M. Keenan