Hey everyone!

I am proud to announce the completion of an Informational Video for Protech Training and Consulting. This video took some fine tuning over time but with the help of Tim Noca (President of Protech) and Scott McFall the final product turned out great. With hired voice talent Ken Main I can say this video came full circle and was by far one of the most successful videos I’ve had the opportunity to produce. Ken Main’s site is www.penguinpods.com

Please have a look at the video below:
Protech Informational Video


Below is a testimonial video by Daryl Dolan who was once trained by Protech in the 90s:
Protech: Daryl Dolan, Testimonial Video

If you are interested in Protech’s services you can find all their information on their website:


Both take you to the same website.

If you are interested in having me put together informational videos for you or your business please feel free to email me at brandonkeenan@kvtproductions.com or call me at 724-787-4163.

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