UPDATE: 12/19/11

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to post some videos I recently took of my good friend Jared Just. He has an amazing voice and plays acoustic at many bars around the Pittsburgh area. December 17th, Jared and I discussed me filming him for everyone on youtube to enjoy! That being said, here it is, Jared Just live at Over the Bar Bicycle cafe. Great beer specials, great food, and always a great crowd. Below are 3 videos of songs he does at his live shows. Enjoy!

Song: Goo Goo Dolls – Slide:

Song: Matchbox 20 – 3am

Song: Mumford and Sons – The Cave

Song: Ants Marching – Dave Mathews Band

Song: Little Lion Man – Dave Mathews Band

Also note: By no means do I own any rights to any of these songs. It is for the listening pleasure of the audience and in no way did I profit from any of the videos seen here.

Thanks so much for watching!