Hey Bethel Park Basketball fans!

Tuesday night the Bethel Park Boys Basketball hosted the Indians of Peters Township for their second meeting in what was another tough loss for the Hawks who lost a lead early and we’re given their second straight loss. The Hawks struggled these past two games, however, watching them develop as a team I feel this will only help them to get ready for playoffs. They are a VERY good team and when they are ON no one can beat them. The first 15 games of the year they were unstoppable and it was tough to find many issues for them to fix and work from. Granted I am an outsider and just judging by watching a few games, I feel they will turn around this season and make a solid run in the playoffs for the WPIAL championship! Even though they lost Tuesday the game had a bunch of great highlights including a 3/4 court shot! Please check them all out:

Highlight Video in 1080P HD
Game: Bethel Park vs Peters Township
Date: 1/29/13

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