Hey Shady Side Academy Lacrosse Fans!

Thursday April 4th the Shady Side Academy Indians hosted the Franklin Regional Panthers in what was one truly epic lacrosse contest that went back and forth all evening! The Indians battled the Panthers and with only 10 seconds left in regulation and with a 6-5 score in favor of the Panthers, they found a way to tie it up with a goal from #39 Ian McCague to send it into overtime. Once the face-off would take place the Indians quickly had taken advantage and moved into the Panthers zone and in the blink of an eye the game was over and the Indians would bury the game with a goal and a final score of 7-6! One great game that was filled with highlights and putting the Indians at 3-0 on the season so please check out all the great highlights for Shady Side Academy below:

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Game: Shady Side Academy vs Franklin Regional Panthers
Date: 4/4/13
Sport: WPIAL Boy’s Lacrosse
Form: 1080P – HD

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Please call me at 724-787-4163 or email me at sports@kvtproductions.com if you would like to order the Full game DVD for $10.00 or every game for the entire season for $140.00. (Shipping and handling for delivery added later) We also will be doing highlight videos as well and can do them on a first come first serve basis!

Also note: These videos are all Password protected. Only those who have the password can get watch this during IN-SEASON filming. Once the season has commenced we will unlock the password for the general public. For now, if you are reading this, the password will always be SSALAX4LIFE345