Hey Everyone,

Winter is here and colder then ever! Cold weather only means more HOCKEY and the alumni game has come and gone this past December for the third annual Winter Classic for Penn Trafford. I was so happy to put this together and we had a great turn out of 32 skaters. We gather at Delmont’s Center Ice Arena for the game at 6pm on December 27th, 2014 for the game and I couldn’t help but feel like this one was more competitive then ever. I wanted to share the entire game for all of you in 1080p HD as well in one single link. Below you will see all the details so please grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy this one. It was a great game of goal scoring, break aways, penalty shots, goalie saves, and much more!


To view the highest form of High Definition:
Click the play button and immediately you will see “360P” on the bottom right hand corner of the video screen. There you can click on place the mouse cursor over it and be able to choose the following qualities:
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2014 Penn Trafford Alumni Winter Classic in 1080P HD
Game: Team White vs Team Green
Date: 12/27/14
PERIOD 1: 0:15 – 30:40

PERIOD 2: 30:41 – 56:29

PERIOD 3: 56:30 – 1:20:47

To purchase a DVD copy of this game: Email me at brandonkeenan@kvtproductions.com. Price is $20 for the game

2014 Penn Trafford Alumni Hockey Winter Classic
Center Ice Arena – Delmont, Pa.

Penn Trafford Alumni Green Team:
Coach: John Nicholas
#1 Brent Zollner 2002
#2 Brett Martz 1998
#5 Joe Coxon 1998
#7 Rob Farrell 1998
#8 Eric Yanovich 2001
#10 Mark Runco 1999
#11 Bobby Lane 2003
#12 Jim Farrow 1998
#15 Matt Hurban 2003
#16 Dan Greene 2012
#19 Cody McClelland 2007
#22 Rob Maier 2009
#24 Tyler Wykoff 2013
#31 (G) Brandon Keenan 2001
#43 Dan Maier 2012
#55 Jared Ingersoll 2010

Penn Trafford Alumni White Team:
Coach: Brett Farrow
Coach: Bob Martz
#1 Larry Ranallo 2002
#2 Jon Romanelli 2002
#8 Matt Duck 2004
#11 Matt Salac 2004
#14 Brian Zagorac 2009
#17 Nick Lamantia 2005
#18 Chris Cerutti 2006
#19 Brett Hollabaugh 2005
#21 Matt Haught 2003
#22 Andrew Hoffman 2005
#28 Devin McCusker 2005
#33 Jon Spehar 2005
#41 David Likar 2004
#46 Jeff Christ 2010
#47 Josh Berardi 2005
#50 (G) Pascal Carreau 2004

Referee: Andrew Snyder
Referee: Eddie Schultz
Photographer: Heidi Herholz
Videographer: Amber Lane
Scoreboard Operator: Michael Williams

Special Thanks to:
Matt Harrison and his family for providing additional jerseys!

Penn Trafford Alumni Green Team:

Goalie Stats:
Brandon Keenan #31 – COMING SOON

Penn Trafford Alumni White Team:

Goalie Stats:
Pascal Carreau #50 – COMING SOON

Many thanks to the following:

– All the players who participated

-All our friends and family who showed up to cheer us on as well as joined us at Rick’s Sports Bar for the big after party.

– Amber Lane. You did a great job filming everything and if it wasn’t for you this video never would have turned out so great! Thanks once again for helping me out with this one!

– Rick’s Sports Bar for donating so many pizzas and appetizers as well as the private room for our after-party for all the players, friends, and families as well as providing us with our own personal bartender.

– Coach John Nicholas, thank you for helping me run this whole set up the night of by Signing everyone in, handing out jerseys, collecting money, and sticking around to re-collect everything after all of that! Great work and thank you so much!

– Andrew and Eddie for being our referees for the night! You guys did a great job and thank you very much for taking the evening to ref our game.

-Heidi Herholz, truly a professional photographer who did a fantastic job with the photos! Thank you so much for taking so many great photographic memories.

-Coach John Nicholas, Coach Bob Martz, and Coach Brett Farrow. It was an honor seeing you three again and it really reminded me of the days you coached us. Thank you for everything and letting us relive of our days of high school puck!

If I forgot anyone I apologize! I am thankful this went so well and trust me, I plan to continue to run this Alumni Game Winter Classic next year so keep on facebooking for updates!