Hey Pine-Richland Rams Lacrosse Fans!

Saturday night marked the first home game for the Pine-Richland Rams who hosted the St. Michael’s College School from Ontario Canada in JV and Varsity Lacrosse action. The weather was bitter cold and windy for what is supposed to be SPRING here in Pennsylvania and it made for a tough night of Lacrosse. The JV squad took the field around 5:30 and battle St. Michaels to a final score of 4-6. A tough loss to such a great team finding it’s way this season. Expect them to rebound from this loss and come back firing against Upper St. Clair on Tuesday! For now, please take a look at the Rams highlights from Friday evening:

Click below to view highlights from the game:

Pine-Richland Rams vs St. Michael’s College School
Date: 3/28/15
Sport: Junior Varsity Lacrosse
Form: 1080P – HD

The Varsity squad would take the field shortly after the JV squad and the weather continued to turn cold and make for some tough conditions. The Rams came out firing and held their ground for most of the game. The end result unfortunately was a tough loss for such a cold night with a final score of 4-10. This game had a ton of highlights though for the Rams. A bunch of goals, great face off wins, goalie saves, and much more! Please take a look as the boys prepare for Upper St. Clair:

Click below to view highlights from the game:

Game: Pine-Richland Rams vs St. Michael’s College School
Date: 3/28/15
Sport: Varsity Lacrosse
Form: 1080P – HD

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The following games will be filmed by KVT Productions and we will be uploading highlights for each game much like the game above.

Please call me at 724-787-4163 or email me at sports@kvtproductions.com if you would like to order the Full game DVD for $10.00 or every game for the entire season (15 games) for $150.00. Also available is 13 select JV games also available for $10.00 per game. ($130 for season) (Shipping and handling for delivery added later)