Hey Sewickley Academy Boys Ice Hockey Fans!

Last night the Panthers travelled out to RMU Island for their Senior Night honoring their three seniors and to host the Wheeling Central Catholic Maroon Knights in a great game that was filled with a ton of highlights. To get things started in this blog I wanted to share their senior night with all of you. I remember when I was a senior and playing my last game and I always wished I had it on hand to watch and remember all the memories. I wanted to do that for these boys who worked so hard this season and deserve to see it recapped in it’s own link that they can go back to and watch. Please take a look at the special ceremony that was held to honor their efforts:

Game: Sewickley Academy Panthers Senior Night in full 1080P HD
Date: 2/22/16
Type: Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League (PIHL).
Sport: Ice Hockey
Form: 1080P – HD


Senior night concluded and the boys hit the ice. Sewickley went down early on in the first period 2-0 but would battle back. By the end of the 2nd period it was 2-2 and the momentum had shifted! They would continue into the 3rd and sadly go down 4-2 and have a hard time battling back. The final score of 4-3 was a tough loss to swallow but that doesn’t take away the Panthers efforts. It was a great game with a bunch of highlights so make sure to take a look:


Game: Sewickley Academy Panthers Wheeling Central Catholic Maroon Knights in full 1080P HD
Date: 2/22/16
Type: Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League (PIHL).
Sport: Ice Hockey
Form: 1080P – HD

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