Hey Penn Trafford Baseball Fans!

Yesterday marked a new opportunity for me as I was contacted by Penn Trafford Baseball to go back to where my film career started at Penn Trafford High School to film some Penn Trafford Baseball. We are approaching 10 years of business for KVT Productions and this is actually the FIRST time I have ever filmed a full baseball game. It was perfect weather and an absolute blast. Penn Trafford took the field and put on a great game as they scored 109 runs in 5 innings bringing the game to an end early. A ton of strike outs, home runs, and hits! Please make sure to take a look at the highlight video I put together showcasing all of PT’s highlights:

Click below to view the video:

Game: Penn Trafford Warriors vs Armstrong Riverhawks
Date: 4/19/16
Sport: – Varsity Baseball
Form: 1080P – HD

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Penn Tafford

Please call me at 724-787-4163 or email me at sports@kvtproductions.com if you would like to
1) order the Full game DVD for $10.00
3) games are available for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD in 1080p HD for $15 per game.