Hello Everyone!

Today marks the first ever KVT Productions Clip of the Week! These clips will be put up weekly and bi-weekly to showcase a specific highlights of players, coaches, weddings, teams, movies we are working, and lots of more interesting videos. Please make sure to subscribe to us while this option is still free! Please make sure to subscribe to us on Instgram, Twitter, and Facebook as we are going to have lots of giveaways over the next year.

FILM: Clip of the Week in full 1080P HD
Date: 1/22 – 1/28 – 2017
Type: WPIAL 6A
Sport: WPIAL Varsity Basketball
Form: 1080P – HD

Want to buy this clip or entire game? We have them for sale via download and DVD for $10! Contact us by CLICKING HERE for more details.

Please see the bottom of this blog for information on College Recruiting Highlight Videos as well as Game DVD purchasing options

To view the highest form of High Definition:
Click the play button and immediately you will see “360P” on the bottom right hand corner of the video screen. There you can click on place the mouse cursor over it and be able to choose the following qualities:
1080P – Highest Quality HD
720P – High Quality HD
480P – High 3CCD Quality
360P – 3CCD Quality
240P – Lower Quality 3CCD – For slower running computers

Personal College Recruiting Highlight Videos:
If you are looking to make your own highlight video we offer services to do so and can provide services in a quick manner to provide you with cut-ups of your best clips with arrows inserted and will be in 1080p HD! You will get the following:
– A KVT Player Profile Page
– A direct YouTube link
– The full 1080p HD version uploaded to HUDL
– Editing your own video is just standard definition with the clips on HUDL. We can provide the FULL 1080p HD

Price: $300.00
– Additional costs come if you wish to have us go through all your plays. ($25/game)
– You can pick out your own plays by writing down the play # in HUDL if you wish to bypass this fee.