Hey Charters Valley Boys Lacrosse Fans!

Tonight the Colts hosted Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic Trojans in WPIAL Boys Lacrosse action and what an epic game this was! One that would come down to the last few seconds. The Colts would take an early lead and hold that lead up until the end when the Trojans would tie it up. The Colts proved their toughness by holding the ball with only seconds remaining and notch a goal for the big win! Check out the highlights from this one below:

Chartiers Valley Colts vs Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic
Date: 4/21/17
Sport: WPIAL – Varsity Boys Lacrosse
Form: 1080P – HD

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2017 Chartiers Valley Boy Lacrosse Games to be filmed
Mon Home Chartiers Valley vs Norwin 4/10/17
Thur Away Charters Valley vs Cardinal Weurl North Catholic – 7pm

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