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Pine Richland Varsity Lacrosse Highlights

Scrimmage:  Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Hampton – 7:30pm
WPIAL Scrimmage
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 3/13/19

The boys put up 7 goals in this scrimmage and are off to a huge start! The road to a WPIAL Championship starts…HERE.

Scrimmage:  Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Latrobe – 7:30pm
WPIAL Scrimmage
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 3/19/19

The boys put up 12 goals in a scrimmage against Greater Latrobe! Check back for highlights from this one!

Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Mars –  7:30pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 3/22/19

Pine-Richland would go down early on and would battle back to be held to an 8-7 lead by half time…by the end of the game it was 15-7! A huge win for the season opener.

Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Fox Chapel –  7:30pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 3/26/19

Pine-Richland scores 15 in a win over a tough Fox Chapel squad to stay undefeated!

Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Everest Academy –  7:30pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 3/27/19

Pine-Richland knocks off Canada based Everest Academy 11-9 to stay undefeated!

Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Seneca Valley –  7:45pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/1/19

Pine-Richland puts away Seneca Valley with 16 goals!

Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Peters Township –  7:45pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/4/19

Pine-Richland puts up another 16 goal game over Peters Township!

Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Hill Academy –  12pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/6/19

Pine-Richland puts away Hill Academy 5-3 to stay undefeated!

Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Peters Township –  7:45pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/7/19

Pine-Richland stays dominant and undefeated with 15 goal win over St. Andrews!

Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Allderdice –  7:00pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/9/19

Pine-Richland shut out Allderdice to stay undefeated.

Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Allentown Central Catholic –  7:00pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/12/19

Pine-Richland loses their first game of the season in Philly against Allentown.

Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Central Bucks East –  11:00am
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/13/19

Pine-Richland scores 9 on a beautiful Saturday afternoon over Central Bucks East!

Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Butler Area –  7:30pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/16/19

Pine-Richland keeps on grinding on the road with a 16-9 victory over Butler!

Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Bethel Park –  7:30pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/18/19

Pine-Richland scores 13 in a row for a victory over Bethel Park!

Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Shady Side Academy –  7:30pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/23/19

Pine-Richland scores come from behind and gain the lead with only seconds left in the game!

Pine-Richland (Boys) vs South Fayette –  1:30pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/27/19

Pine-Richland puts on a scoring showcase with 18 goals over South Fayette. Below is a pump up promo video to showcase what we can do for you in creating a personal college recruiting highlight video. Please contact us today if you are in need of one in 1080p HD!

Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Shaler –  7:30pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/29/19

Pine-Richland scores 19 in big win over Shaler!

Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Central Catholic –  7:30pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 4/30/19

Pine-Richland shuts out Central Catholic on the road!

Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Mt. Lebanon –  7:30pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 5/2/19

Rams have 7-6 lead with thunderstorms taking over and raining out a great game!

Pine-Richland (Boys) @ North Allegheny –  7:30pm
WPIAL Lacrosse
Type: 1080p HD

Date: 5/6/19

Pine-Richland has rare loss on the road to North Allegheny.


Pine Richland Varsity Lacrosse 2019 Season

Wed 3/13 – Home Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Hampton – 7:30pm
Tue 3/19 – Away Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Latrobe – 7:30pm
Fri 3/22 – Home Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Mars – 7:30pm
Tue 3/26 – Home Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Fox Chapel – 7:30pm
Wed 3/27 – Home Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Everest Academy – 7:30pm
Mon 4/1 – Away Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Seneca Valley – 8:00pm
Thur 4/4 – Home Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Peters Township – 7:30pm
Sat 4/6 – Home Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Hill Academy – 1pm
Sun 4/7 – Home Pine-Richland (Boys) vs St. Andrews, ON – 1:00pm
Tue 4/9 – Home Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Allderdice – 7:00pm
Fri 4/12 – Away Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Allentown Central Catholic – 6pm
Sat 4-13- Away Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Central Bucks East – 11am
Tue 4/16 – Away Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Butler – 7:30pm
Thur 4/18 – Home Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Bethel Park – 7:30pm
Tue 4/23 – Away Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Shady Side Academy – 7pm
Sat 4/27 Home Pine-Richland (Boys) vs South Fayette – 1:30pm
Mon 4/29 – Home Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Shaler – 7:30pm
Tue 4/30 – Away Pine-Richland (Boys) @ Central Catholic – 8:00pm
Thur 5/2 – Home Pine-Richland (Boys) vs Mt. Lebanon – 7:30pm
Mon 5/6 – Away Pine-Richland (Boys) @ North Allegheny – 8:00pm

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